Season of Giving

Season of Giving

Season of Giving is the season of love, kindness, gratitude, and contribution. It is the season of holidays as it encompasses Christmas for some and winter holidays for others. During this time, individuals and communities come together and express their love and care for each other through sharing gifts, giving donations, volunteering, arranging fundraising activities, and other forms of kindness and generosity.

At the heart of Season of Giving rests empathy and awareness of one’s own blessings and privileges. This is because people of power and wealth step forward and responsibly contribute to causes and organisations that benefit the underprivileged, working for the welfare of people on projects like poverty alleviation, education for the underprivileged, women’s empowerment, and quality and cost-free healthcare.

Living in the developed world, we often are unaware of the complex problems faced by developing societies. For example, in countries like Pakistan, there is a prevailing health crisis with a severe shortage of facilities and on growing demand. This is where philanthropic organizations like Indus Hospital &Health Network come in. We are providing free-of-cost and quality healthcare to around 500,000 patients each month. From paediatric oncology to maternal and neonatal health services to cardiology, we have it all covered.

Hence, this season of love, charity, and compassion ignites a sense of self-awareness, gratitude, and responsibility toward those lacking the same privileges. The volume of donations in this season enables the actualisation of philanthropic projects planned for the upcoming year, rekindling a strong hope for prosperity.

To support this spirit of empathy and kindness, citizens of various countries often spend on charitable causes. The spirit of this season is not unique to any one particular religious tradition; rather, it has become a prevalent cultural celebration marked by the ethos of compassion and generosity.

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