MIKD, Multan Became the First Thalassemia-Screened Hospital in Pakistan

MIKD, Multan Became the First Thalassemia-Screened Hospital in Pakistan

In a groundbreaking achievement, the Multan Institute of Kidney Diseases (MIKD) proudly became Pakistan’s first Thalassemia screened hospital. The institution, managed by Indus Hospital & Health Network, is known for its dedication to kidney-related ailments. It has extended its commitment to the overall well-being of its staff by implementing Thalassemia screening for all 684 employees.

Mr. Syed Ali Imran Zaidi, Director of Multan Institute of Kidney Diseases, expressed his enthusiasm about this significant milestone. He revealed that every single employee, comprising the 684-member workforce, underwent Thalassemia tests. This initiative marks a proactive approach to addressing Thalassemia.

Mr. Zaidi emphasized the importance of regular screenings and counseling, stating that if other institutions follow suit and prioritize the health of their employees, Pakistan could soon witness the realization of a Thalassemia-free future.

The Management of Pakistan’s first thalassemia-screened hospital underscores its commitment to healthcare and sets a positive precedent for other medical institutions nationwide.

As the director highlighted the significance of proactive measures, this initiative is anticipated to encourage similar efforts nationwide. With continued dedication and widespread adoption of Thalassemia screenings, the vision of a Thalassemia-free Pakistan may soon become a reality.

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