Revolutionizing Blood Donation: IHHN’s Journey of Compassion

Transforming Blood Donation: A Story of Progress and Compassion by Indus Hospital & Health Network

Over the past 16 years, the Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) has emerged as a beacon of hope in Pakistan’s healthcare landscape. Treating over 6 million individuals annually across the country, IHHN has revolutionized the concept of community-funded, quality healthcare. One of its most remarkable achievements is transforming the practice of blood donation, a concept that was once nearly unheard of in Pakistan.

The Evolution of Blood Donation in Pakistan

Pakistan’s journey with voluntary blood donation has been a profound one. The country’s first voluntary blood bank, established in 1982, marked the beginning of a new era. Dr. Abdul Bari, the Founding President of IHHN, recalls an era when the idea of donating blood was met with skepticism and misunderstanding. He shares an anecdote about a man who refused to donate blood to his critically ill wife, fearing it would reder her his sister – a reflection of the widespread misconceptions about blood donation at the time.

Before the shift towards voluntary donations, “professional donors,” often drug addicts, were the primary source of blood. These individuals would donate as frequently as twice a week to sustain their habits, despite the medical guideline allowing only one donation every three months. The blood collected from these donors was often medically unfit for use.

A Turning Point: The 1987 Bomb Blasts

The twin bomb blasts in Karachi’s Bohri Bazaar in 1987 marked a turning point. This first major act of terrorism in the city galvanized the community. In the aftermath, citizens united in a wave of generosity, lining up to donate blood for the injured – a first in the history of Karachi’s Civil Hospital.

This unprecedented outpouring of communal support marked the beginning of a new era. From receiving just a single donation a day, the blood bank began to see up to 300 donations, reflecting a remarkable shift in attitudes and understanding.

IHHN: A Testament to Pakistani Generosity

The transformation in blood donation practices is a testament to the selflessness and generosity of the Pakistani people. Dr. Bari’s vision, supported by the donations and prayers of those who believed in his mission, has evolved into a robust healthcare network. Today, IHHN proudly operates numerous secondary and tertiary care hospitals across the country, as well as physical rehabilitation centers, regional blood centres, and numerous public health initiatives.


The journey of IHHN in transforming blood donation is not just a story of medical advancement; it is a narrative of compassion, unity, and the relentless spirit of a community. It illustrates how a collective resolve can overcome challenges and misconceptions, leading to significant improvements in public health. IHHN’s story is a beacon of inspiration, showing the world what can be achieved when compassion and determination come together for a common good.

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