Muneeb Walks Again

It was a bright sunny morning of January 08, 2017, in Burro Rehri, Sindh, Pakistan. Muneeb ur Rehman, the youngest of 16 siblings and a grade 3 student, woke up with memories of a beautiful dream. Not knowing what the day will bring for him, he had breakfast and went out to play cricket with his friends.

While playing outside an old house, Muneeb got injured as a huge wall fell on him.  His eldest brother, Zameer, rushed him to the Civil Hospital, Sukkur where he was treated for a minor wound. The General Physician recommended that the wound will heal itself but after a couple of weeks when the doctor removed his dressing, the wound instead of healing had been badly infected by gangrene. Zameer took his brother to Jinnah Hospital in Karachi where Muneeb’s infected leg was surgically removed.

Young Muneeb was left devastated thinking he would be left stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but his brother Zameer did not lose hope.  Adamant to get his brother’s normal life back, he started looking for hospitals who could put his little sibling back on his feet.

Eight months of trauma finally ended when Zameer brought Muneeb to The Indus Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan in August 2017 and in just 10 days Muneeb was provided with a prosthetic limb.

After some physical training, Muneeb is back to his normal life and has resumed education.

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