IHHN: A National Triumph of Generosity

On the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day, there’s no better time to highlight an institution that embodies the national spirit and selflessness of the Pakistani people: the Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN). Through the collective effort of the nation, IHHN has emerged as a beacon of hope, providing free, quality healthcare services all across Pakistan.

Indus Hospital & Health Network began its journey in 2007, addressing the critical state of public health in Pakistan. Since its inception, it has evolved from a 150-bed hospital to an extensive network of 10 hospitals, 4 Physical Rehabilitation Centers, 4 Regional Blood Centers, Container-based Community Health Centers, and various Public Health Programs spread across the country. What makes IHHN’s story remarkable is the way it has grown, primarily through the generosity of Pakistanis who have donated since its beginning.

IHHN’s innovation and unique approach to healthcare delivery are evident in its efforts to reach marginalized and vulnerable communities. Whether through container-based community health centers or a mobile boat clinic, the organization has shown a commitment to equitable and inclusive care, even in the most geographically isolated regions.

Collaborations at both federal and provincial levels with the Government of Pakistan and international donor agencies have enabled IHHN to implement public health initiatives successfully. Their work stands as a testament to the effectiveness of combined efforts in addressing Pakistan’s healthcare crisis.

Today, IHHN operates on a massive scale, benefitting more than 6 million people annually. This is not merely a testament to the organization’s efficiency but a resounding endorsement of the Pakistani people’s inherent goodness and generosity.

Dr. Bari, the founding president, is a person whose vision and relentless pursuit of the welfare of people has shaped IHHN. He fondly the stories of his people’s boundless compassion in the face of adversity. Whether responding to natural disasters or the ongoing Covid pandemic, the resilience and spirit of Pakistanis, no matter where they are, shine through.

His journey began with a dream, a dream that robbed him of sleep but fulfilled the collective aspiration of a nation. The creation of the country’s first voluntary blood bank, the handling of emergencies, and the building of a paperless and cashless hospital system – all these narrate a story of passion, determination, and the spirit of giving.

What stands out is not just the scale of IHHN’s operations but the stories of humanity behind them. Dr. Bari’s tale of the Afghani patient’s mother praying for him after receiving life-saving treatment or the immense public response during crises paints a picture of a country united by empathy and benevolence.

The Indus Hospital & Health Network has emerged as a symbol of what Pakistan can achieve through collaboration and generosity. It’s a living example of the nation’s heart and soul, a reflection of the essence of Independence. This Independence Day, let us celebrate the spirit of Pakistan through IHHN and the countless individuals whose selflessness has brought it to light. Let us embrace the incredible national effort that continues to make a difference in the lives of millions across Pakistan.

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