Historic Achievement: AABB Accreditation for The Indus Hospital Blood Centre

Historic Achievement: AABB Accreditation for The Indus Hospital Blood Centre

The Indus Hospital Blood Centre (TIHBC) in Korangi, Karachi, has achieved a significant milestone by passing the on-site AABB accreditation audit. This makes TIHBC the only site in Pakistan and SAARC countries to meet American standards in blood banking. This accreditation is crucial given Pakistan’s high hepatitis infection rate and positions the Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) at the forefront of healthcare excellence.

Trailblazing in Healthcare

The accomplishment demonstrates IHHN’s commitment to providing free-of-cost, quality care and sets a new standard for blood banking in the region. Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, President of IHHN, emphasized the rigor of achieving AABB accreditation, especially for a developing country like Pakistan. He highlighted the dedication of the TIHBC team in achieving this accreditation independently, without international consultants.

Setting Benchmarks and Future Goals

Dr. Saba Jamal, Senior Director at TIHBC, addressed the economic questions surrounding high-standard care in Pakistan. She stressed the importance of prioritizing humanitarian initiatives over material luxuries, highlighting that IHHN’s free-of-cost care provides certified safe blood at American standards. Plans for developing a comprehensive hemophilia care centre and a thalassemia prevention centre were also announced, aiming to serve as prototypes for quality care in resource-limited settings.

Transforming Blood Banking

Since its establishment in 2013, TIHBC has pioneered centralized blood banking in Pakistan. It has significantly contributed to transforming public perception and elevating blood transfusion standards, leading to a surge in voluntary blood donations. The centre’s focus on voluntary donations has seen remarkable growth, with 89% of total collections in 2022 coming from voluntary donations.

Milestones and Future Vision

The AABB accreditation follows the ISO 15189 accreditation of TIHBC and the accreditation of several regional blood centres managed by IHHN. These achievements have set new benchmarks for public sector blood banks in Pakistan. Looking ahead, TIHBC aims to ensure 100% voluntary blood donations, advance in blood transfusion services, and expand its capacity to alleviate concerns about safe blood availability. The journey towards AABB accreditation reflects the transformative impact of a dedicated team and a humanitarian mission, as IHHN continues to elevate healthcare standards in Pakistan and beyond.

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