Becoming A Refugee Overnight-Story Of A Flood Survivor

It took only a few hours for the flash floods in Dera Ismail to ravage the entire village of Kot Walidad. Amongst the many flood survivors who have been displaced by the massive flash floods and are now in relief camps is Jami Siddique-a farmer from Kot Walidad.

“I watched my entire village getting destroyed right before my eyes. It was midnight, and I was sleeping, but screams and shouts in my area woke me up. I woke up my son and daughter-in-law and told them to rush to the roof. I grabbed my nephew and rushed upstairs to join them. We watched in horror as the floods ravaged our village. The house that I built with my own two hands, the fields where I worked everyday-it all swept away in front of my eyes. We were helpless.”

The water entered Jami’s house and destroyed all his belongings. It was only when an army helicopter arrived that his family was saved. They were then transported to a relief camp in the vicinity. When Jami arrived at the medical camp of IHNN, he was barefoot, his clothes were tattered and he was unable to speak coherently. The mental and physical trauma of the ordeal he had been through had taken a toll on his body. The IHNN team immediately administered a physical checkup to make sure his vitals are doing well. He was provided a kit that included clothes, dry food items and ORS. The doctors at IHNN also looked after Jami’s six-month-old nephew who had been unable to feed for two days.

There are hundreds of people like Jami who have become homeless overnight and are in dire need of medical, nutritional and hygienic support. The climate disaster has led to a nationwide health emergency. IHNN is not only providing shelter and survival kits to the flood survivors but also setting up medical camps to prevent outbreaks of diseases in flood-impacted areas.

Your donation provides relief to countless others like Jami who have become refugees overnight in their own country.

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